Your Largest Asset

Your business may be the largest asset you own. When it’s time to sell your Pest Control Company, you want an experienced Business Broker that not only understands all aspects of the industry but has bought, managed and sold their own local Pest Control Company.  You want a Business Broker that keeps up-to-date on the ever changing rules and regulations of the Department of Agriculture and the Office of Pest Management.  You want a broker with a data base of buyers that are ready, willing and qualified to purchase your business. You want a broker that has specialized in the sales of Pest Control businesses since 1987.

Whether a Buyer or a Seller, you will be guided through the entire process  starting with:

  • Analyzing and preparing your business in order to achieve an accurate value.
  • Educating the seller to the various steps in the process of selling their business.
  • Marketing your business in order to reach as many  qualified buyers as possible while keeping its identity confidential.
  • Prequalifying buyer’s financial and professional capabilities.
  • Finding the right buyer for your business.
  • Co-ordinating the negotiations and preparing the Purchase Agreement,
  • Working closely with the seller and the buyer during the due diligence period.
  • Allowing you the freedom to run your business while I work diligently to get the deal consummated.

My ultimate goal is to get your business sold to the right buyer for the best possible price.